Merchant Solutions

Since 2003, IDS Management has provided risk management solutions, proprietary payment processing software, and fraud analytics to some of the largest merchants in the global ecommerce industry.

Payment Processing Solutions

Single integration to access localized debit clearing channels in 30+ countries

IDS Management's wide range of processing solutions, primarily focused on debit-based payment channels, provide API connectivity to bank transfer and localized debit clearing channels in 32 countries and are designed to meet the needs of global ecommerce merchants.

Our payment processing solutions feature integrated treasury and reconciliation systems, which allow merchants to support a broad array of “alternative” online payment options without the complexity of managing multiple channel integrations, clearing windows, and reporting systems.

Built on the Web Services model, IDS processing solutions can be integrated directly into a merchant's fulfillment, back-office, and accounting systems. Many can also be implemented as “fully-managed” Web Services rather than integrated directly into the merchant's application stack.

IDS processing solutions are structured as modular software components with API connectivity to either third-party risk management services or to IDS' custom-configurable risk management solutions.